YOUR BODY, YOUR HOME. A film feat. Model, Nutritionalist, Yoga & Meditation teacher - Adrienne Ford

I met Adrienne Ford while modeling at a job in Vancouver. We started chatting on the topic of wellness and I learned that Adrienne is also a nutritionalist yoga instructor, and meditation teacher. It turns out that we have both been modeling for a long time and we discovered that we had shared similar experiences of overcoming some of the pressures of the fashion industry and learning how to prioritize our health (mentally and physically) over other people's expectations or opinions of us. Because of this experience we both share a passion for wanting other women to become confident and accepting of their body's.

We created this video to spread the message that you can begin again and start fresh at any point and make the conscious decision to embrace the body you've been given. Starting with one breath and one intention. 

The relationship we have with ourselves is the longest relationship we will have with anyone in our lifetime. It ebbs and flow's and grows and changes and if we can try to appreciate it, and care for it, and connect with it then we can be stronger individuals and free up space in our minds to find peace, and feel at home.

Here is the meditation Adrienne wrote for the video:

Home [hom]. Noun. a place where one lives permanently/

Your body.

Your home.

The place we reside our entire lives.

We only have one body.

We know we must care for it, honour it, honour ourselves…

But the roadmap to self-care, can be a winding road.

Finding your way, starts with the breath.

Take a deep breath, expand your chest, pause in the moment, and exhale into calm.

We can navigate a little smoother, expanding through the inhale, and releasing through the exhale.

We can slow time, expanding through the lungs; releasing and surrendering with the exhale.

This is your body, this is your home, you are safe here.

Film Credits:

Body suit by Beth Richards.

Written, and Performed by Adrienne Ford

Created, Directed, & Narrated by Taylor McKay.

*Adrienne Ford is based out of Vancouver, Canada. Check out her website for any inquiries on her nutrition, yoga, and meditation work!*