Morning Ritual -> Liquid Chlorophyll

Photographed by Carly Dame, with my trusty side kick Eloise!

Photographed by Carly Dame, with my trusty side kick Eloise!

A new ritual that I have incorporated into my mornings is having a tbl spoon of liquid chlorophyll in a glass of water after I drink my coffee, or adding it into my morning smoothies. After about a week of taking it everyday I noticed how good it was making my body feel so as with most health discoveries I make I felt the urge to pass along the knowledge...

What is it?

Chlorophyll a green pigment in plants that is responsible for the absorption of light in the process of photosynthesis, which creates energy. It is naturally present in green veggies like wheatgrass, green beans, spinach, parsley, and arugula. However are bodies don't usually have enough time to fully absorb the chlorophyll before it is digested, which is why it can be beneficial to take it in it's pure liquid form to get 100% chlorophyll. 

Why is it good for you?

  • It is alkalizing. This is especially good for the coffee drinkers out there since coffee is acidic and Chlorophyll is alkaline... it can help to balance out the pH of your body. Which is why I started to follow my americano with a tbl spoon of liquid chlorophyll in water.
  • It is detoxifying and binds up any toxic pesticide residue and excretes it from your body. It also protects your cells from heavy metal toxicity
  • It can help a hangover. By eliminating toxins from your body. It also nourishes your liver with oxygen and magnesium.

If those benefits weren't appealing enough...there are also studies that show that liquid chlorophyll boosts the immune system, gives you energy, eliminates odors of the body, eases inflammation, helps treat anemia and fights cancer cells. Sooo it's safe to say this natural green plant stuff is pretty powerful :) You might be wondering how it tastes? It doesn't have a strong taste but if you don't like it you can get it flavored with natural mint.