Model & Health Coach - Dani Seitz - talks community

Dani Seitz is a model, Health Coach, basketball enthusiast, and volunteers her time as a community manager for Ripe (A healthy corporate food catering company) in NYC. Dani also happens to be one of my best friends... so during my visit with her I followed along with her daily routines of life and she showed me the different elements that make up her community. Here we talk about how she came to cultivate it...

TM: You are originally from a small-ish city of Kelowna, British Columbia, traveled the globe for modeling and then decided to put your roots down in NYC. How long were you living in NYC before you really felt at home?

DS: It took a while for sure! I had to remind myself of the things I loved doing in Canada and learn to incorporate them into my NY life. Once I did that I found my community and core friends which make NY feel like home :)

TM: What are some of the places, or activities that you met your (now) friends through? 

DS: I would go to a lot of health and wellness events including meditations, yoga fitness events and joined sports teams.

TM: What are some organizations that you are involved with?

DS: I volunteer my time with Ripe and I organize basketball on the side. I seeked them out because I missed the feeling of doing activities with groups of people. I love getting friends together to play sports, board games, picnics.. anything!

TM: You LOVE basketball. Tell us a little about Downtown Girls Basketball, and how you got involved? 

DS: Downtown Girls is a women's only pick up team made up of artists, photographers, and writers. I learned about it through a friend and then started playing with them. I don't go as often as I would like since work has be quite busy but whenever I'm free I am there!!

TM: You then started "Lady Ballerz" a passion project to build community around the game of Basketball. What inspired you to do this and what is your goal for the initiative? 

DS: Aria McManus started the Downtown Girls Baskteball and I was so impressed in the community of gals that she brought together. One thing that I wanted to add to it was fundamentals. So I decided to start Lady Ballerz with my friend Zoƫ Colivas. Come fall I'll be organizing a lot more play time!

TM: The company Ripe that you work with does workouts every Sunday in the Park that are open to the public. What is the idea behind hosting these events? 

DS: I started by actually attending the workouts and then through meeting CJ + Ben, they brought me on to manage their events. It builds a community for Ripe. It's so much fun and makes me so happy to be involved.

TM: How does your community make you feel? 

DS: It makes me feel faaaaaaaaaabulousssssss of course ;) But seriously it's so dang important to have a community. Without it I felt so lost, it brings me more joy than you can imagine!

TM: Any advice for people looking to build there own community?

DS: Do what you love and the community will find you!!! A great site to start is